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The customer base of H.S. FASHION logistics is almost as varied as the products we help to distribute and the countries which the merchandise passes through. In international business the numerous different customs regulations are equally applicable to large organisations with their own Buying departments and start-ups of young designers who are hoping to make it big with their fashion overseas. Companies wishing to avoid problems with customs clearance and paying unnecessary duties and charges would be well advised to leave this aspect up to us. We are not just familiar with the relevant import and export provisions, but also know the conditions under which lower rates come into play (e.g. preferential tariff rate in Switzerland) or possibly do not even need to be paid. The latter is possible when – to put it simply – a warehouse is used as a stopover without being associated with entry into the market. We have set up our own customs warehouse for this very purpose. The large number of codes for the wide variety of goods (categories) and the individual customs regulations applicable in each case make the process no less complicated for companies without experience in this field. Here too we offer in-depth knowledge.

Avoid problems with cross-border traffic by complying with all customs provisions while ensuring liquidity for your firm. With our detailed documentation you can be certain your company is observing the formalities for international business. This of course includes the typical electronic customs handling procedures (Carnet TIR, NCTS, import and export registration with the ATLAS system, etc.). With collective consignments our customers can naturally also chose whether to perform clearance themselves or ask us to do so on their behalf.