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LOGISTICS FROM A TO Z: a full range of services

In the fast-paced world of the clothing industry all cogs need to mesh together perfectly to ensure optimum logistics. We support our customers in the garment manufacture and fashion trade on many different levels of the supply chain. Special benefits are offered here through the intelligent combination of logistics with the professional finishing of garments.

You too can take advantage of these "Value Added Services" – offering you added value thanks to quality assurance and the minimisation of returns. Our e-Commerce-Fulfilment is an important catalyst to ensure smooth, fast and dependable ordering and delivery, starting with the processing of orders to payment management. We guarantee punctual delivery and reliable distribution of hanging and flat-packed goods, either using our own fleet of vehicles or in cooperation with national and international carriers. Careful organisation counts here – particularly when it is a question of picking merchandise to create compact delivery batches for clothing stores. This equally applies to Returns Management at our company and we always reserve sufficient capacity for this task. Careful preparation for customs clearance is essential if we are to also keep logistics and cross-border goods traffic flowing smoothly at all times. We are familiar with the import and export regulations and can take charge of all formalities here should you so wish. As logistics experts we also offer all skills for complete goods handling of non-fashion articles, e.g. preparation for dispatch, labelling, assembly, packing, dispatch of advertising, sports and seasonal goods, etc. There are no limits to our creativity here: goods handling with the Best4U-Service.