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With needle and thread, manual skill and high tech. Our daily routine includes removing loose threads, repairing seams and hems or attaching loose, missing or broken buttons, press fastenings or rivets. We manage such work with the help of special equipment and tools. We can even replace or repair missing rhinestones and sequins quickly and easily thanks to modern machines (e.g. heat transfer presses). Our daily routine not only includes transferring appliqués or printed motifs with heat presses at our twelve workstations but also sewing in new or corrected labels (including their procurement).

This is why our alterations and repair service forms an important part of our Value Added Services (VAS - adding value by combining textile finishing and logistics): Instead of being immediately sorted out as goods with flaws that can easily be rectified involving costly returns, faulty garments can be mended by our Repair section to then go on sale as first quality merchandise.

Our customers have benefited from this service since 1987 – not lastly via our Textile Emergency Call hotline: This means the Repair service is a key link in the supply chain of our customers from the fashion industry.