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H.S. FASHION logistics has its own textile finishing section with a floor area of 750 m2. Trained, well-qualified staff are provided with all modern facilities required for form finishing. This includes a large pressing room equipped with industrial irons, multiformer, tunnel finisher, trouser topper and steaming dummies.


Erroneous or missing information about care or laundering or changes in size can be rectified by FASHION logistics. We can advise and take charge of changes to labels from procurement to attachment on your behalf.


Our own forwarding agency handles national shipping and works with partners to send out international consignments by road, air and sea. For dispatch throughout Germany the company has a fleet of vehicles with trucks suitable for transporting hanging garments as well as boxes and pallets.


Automatic steamer for blazers, jackets, coats and outdoor wear – including garments made of leather. The accessories make it possible to iron waistbands and hems at the same time.


For successful online selling we supply eCommerce Fulfilment concepts – either complete or in modules consisting of Merchandise Management, Online-Shop Solution and Logistics.


This encompasses: relabelling, new labelling, bonding on /over labels, attachment of labels and hang tags using a tagging gun, incl. production and procurement of materials, barcode-secure labelling.


In the Fixing section we use heat transfer presses to expertly affix appliqués, patches or transfers to textiles and set rhinestones or printed motifs.


Following optional analysis of stains, their removal, also known as spot removal, is carried out at specially equipped workstations. Afterwards, there is also the option of having the article laundered.


Fulfillment is the picking, packaging, dispatch, assembly and data management of stock for an online shop. Fulfillment also includes the fact that the external service providers, in addition to logistical support, picking and warehousing, also regulate dispatch by parcel serice, storage of goods, electronic collection of customer data and dispatch tracking.

fulfillment service provider

As an interface between onlineshop and customer, the fulfillment serice provider acts with its professional warehouse logistics for onlineshops. By commissioning an external fulfillment service provider and its warehouse logistics for onlineshops, the operator ist able to devote himself entirely to his core business without investing time in warehouse logistics. The complete warehouse logistics, including the electronic recording of the goods receipts and goods exits, as well as the packaging of the goods up to the delivery of the finished package, ist carried out by the external fulfillment department. The complete service of the external fulfillment minimizes the risk of the online shop operator having to deliver defective deliveries or damaged goods to the customer. The onlineshop operator ist enabled with the electronic interface to track the ordered goods and the package from dispatch to delivery via the dispatch number. If the goods are textiles, the textile fulfillment service provider is able to process the goods in such a way that defects caused by the fitting are removed and the goods are returned to the warehouse in an impeccable condition.


Industrial steam irons are used to carefully press delicate or difficult fabrics by hand.


Selection of garments according to article, size and colour.


Automatic steaming dummies with multiple functions to simultaneously remove wrinkles from sleeves and the front and back sections of garments. Versatile usage, e.g. for blazers, jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, coats, outdoor wear.


Fully equipped workshop for mending and repairs. Tasks such as sewing on buttons, replacing zips, stitching in size and care labels, neatening, etc. – are performed at twelve workstations in the Repair section.


Measurement and spot checks either based on AQL or according to your specifications, full inspection incl. mending in the Finishing section, stain removal, repair service and pressing room.


H.S. FASHION logistics is also happy to rectify any manufacturing defects (such as loose threads, incorrect labels, broken buttons).


From simple sorting to full processing of returns: Following collection or delivery from the individual stores, we will process returns according to your requirements and supply them to the specified location on the agreed date, undertaking tasks such as sorting, repacking / picking, labelling, finishing, mending – and not just for textiles either. See also www.best4u-service.de


Following shipment to our Textile Finishing section garments are brought into perfect shape: Freshly ironed and labelled according to your requirements, your merchandise will be delivered to the place you specify. Our 750 m2 Finishing section is staffed by trained clothing pressers who have a special pool of equipment at their disposal for the various finishing tasks they perform.


All textile logistics services: Labelling, sorting, picking, stain removal, storage, packaging, dispatch.


A special finishing process for trousers to smooth out wrinkles and even out lengths or twisting of legs.


Replacing / changing all kinds of labels: production or procurement incl. attachment using a gun, adhesive fixture or stitching in place.

Value Added Services

Added value services for textile logistics and garment finishing such as mending, repairing, laundering, sewing and inspection offered as Full Service.


Different laundering services to deal with odours, stains, soiling, dye bleeding and static cling are all available.


Services of our Customs department incl. our own customs warehouse. This allows us to process merchandise while customs clearance is under way, so offering an advantage in terms of liquidity.