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We recommend ozone treatment for the elimination of a variety of odours from textiles, leather goods, footwear and accessoires.

This highly effectivedisinfectant is produced on site with the help of ozone generators that use ambient air. The highly oxidising effect of ozone destroys molecules such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other organic compounds as well as all germs and bacteria which couse odours.

Ozone treatment neutralise a wide variety of odours including the smells of burning, wastewater, animals, tobacco, must and mildew.

This odour neutralisation is ideal for clothing, leather goods, footwear, accessoires and other non-food items. Since no further chemicals are required, ozone treatment is an environment-friendly way of eliminationg odours.

In contrast to washing, ozonisation offers an alternative that neither makes the material look "washed" nor exposes colours or materials to a mechanism. Your item IS and remains NEW!


We´ll be happy to advise you on ozone treatment for your requirements - with consummate professionalism and in coplete confidence. Simply send us an email to info(at)fashion-logistics.de or telephone us on: +49 (0) 5451/89 55 0.